The YouTube Kids app now works with YouTube Red in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand !

YouTube Kids now works with YouTube Red

Remember last october, when YouTube launched its Red program, a paid membership that makes everything you love about YouTube even better, with benefits like videos free of paid ads, offline videos, and background play. Well, today, Google announced that his YouTube Kids app is now working with the Red program in various regions of the globe, such as the United States, but also Australia and New-Zealand.

YouTube Red Kids

From now on, parents who will sign up for YouTube Red will also enable a whole new set of features for the family to enjoy, including ad-free videos, so they can let their kids learn and laugh along with their favorite characters without paid ads. Offline videos are also available, so that in the car or on grandma’s couch automatically have videos when you need ‘em, even if you don’t have a connection. Finally, the program includes uninterrupted music, so you can keep family sing-alongs going while you use other apps on your phone.

To get started, all parents need is the YouTube Kids app and a YouTube Red membership. Then, just sign in to your YouTube Red account from the parental controls section of the YouTube Kids app and follow a few simple steps. Over the next few months Google will be making some changes to the app that’ll give parents more choice on how to customize the content that appears or doesn’t appear in their YouTube Kids experience.


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