After the 1440p resolution, Freesync and Auto Low Latency, Microsoft’s Xbox One will soon switch the display to 120 Hz.

The Xbox One soon compatible 120 Hz

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that the future update of its Xbox One would allow models S and X to offer QHD 1440p resolution. A format (2560 x 1440 pixels) particularly suitable for all those who use their console on a monitor. Indeed, a future update will also provide options to take advantage of FreeSync and Auto Low Latency technologies. Today, Microsoft confirms support for 120 Hz displays.

Indeed, the Xbox S and Xbox X will be able to enjoy a frequency of 120 Hz, in 1080p and 1440p. On the side of the 4K, the signal will be blocked at 60 Hz. For Microsoft, it is of course to go flirt with PC players, with a monitor and not necessarily a Smart TV 4K Ultra HD.

Recall that beyond this novelty related to the 120 Hz frequency, the Xbox One (S and X) is FreeSync compatible, and can also count on a new Auto Low Latency mode. The latter can be used with some compatible Smart TVs, including the new range QLED Samsung, the historical partner of Microsoft. Specifically, the Auto Low Latency mode will automatically switch the TV to “gaming” (low latency) when the Xbox One is in game mode. A mode that will be changed automatically if the player switches to Netflix or Youtube for example.

To this, this new update, scheduled for May, will allow players to consolidate its favorite games and applications. The player will be able to baptize each group as they please, and organize them as they please. Groups that will be linked to an Xbox One account, so that the player can synchronize everything on the machines of his choice. Microsoft will also optimize the family options of its machine, with the ability for parents to better configure the control. This new update will be available during the month of May.


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