Valve is proud to announce that more than 500.000 Steam Controllers have been sold since its launch last november !

500.000 Steam Controllers in the wild

In just under seven months, Valve claimed to have sold more than 500.000 Steam Controllers. A huge success for this atypical controller, available since november 2015, and sold at $49.99. According to Valve : “with every controller that comes online we get the opportunity to get more feedback on how to make the Steam Controller even better. We’ve been hard at work with the community, and wanted to share some of the recent improvements.”

Steam Controller

Recent improvements will then give the possibility to “play more”, as Valve added new games like DOOM, XCOM 2 or Dark Souls 3. The user is also able to configure and use its Steam Controller from his desktop, including the pop-up keyboard to communicate with your non-Steam programs. Rumble sensations are now live since the Steam Controller can now use its Force Reactors to capture and reproduce the rumble effects from your favorite games.

New improvements also give the possibility to create multiple “Action Sets” and switch between them on the fly. For instance, in GTA V or Just Cause 3 it’s easy to switch between walking, driving and flying controls with a single button. Of course, Valve announces more improvements to come, like the possibility to use Activators to assign actions to press-and-hold, double click, toggle and more.


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