Twitter has expanded its animated GIF size limit from 5MB to 15 MB.

GIF goes up to 15MB on Twitter

Last month, Twitter expanded its video limit from 30 to 140 seconds, in order to be more competitive against major contenders like Youtube, Snapchat or Facebook. Today, the social network just expanded its animated GIF size limit from 5MB to 15 MB. A change that does not affect the photo limit, which remains at 5MB.

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So, from now on, Twitter accepts GIF that are three times the size they were before, but to one single condition : GIF must be uploaded on the web version. The update is (for the moment) not effective on iOS or Android. This new GIF update has not been officially announced by Twitter yet, but has been spotted by different GIF lovers, and by those reading the Twitter’s FAQ, as it is clearly mentionned now.

Another expansion for Twitter, even if people wander who is really going to enjoy posting a 15MB GIF on the platform. Still, this update follows the company’s recent trend of removing historical barriers to posting media on its various platforms, in order to give more possibilities to the users. Remember that Twitter added GIF support in 2014, but native GIF support is available since February, thanks to a partnership with Giphy and Riffsy, with a dedicated button on the application and web. This update allows the actual image to appear in-tweet, instead of forcing the user to another website to view the image.


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