Today, Twitter introduces a new look and feel for its application for Android.

Twitter gets a fresh new look on Android

Twitter just announced a brand new “easier-to-tuse design” for its application for Android. A new design that has been in testing among Twitter beta users. A redesigned app that aligns with the best of Android.


Here are the changes to make using Twitter for Android easier : Tab bar at the top of the screen with swipe functionality so users can quickly move between their Home timeline, Notifications, Direct Messages, and more. Navigation menu that slides out from the side for access to the user’s profile, Highlights, lists, the Connect tab, and settings. There is also a new floating action button so users can always easily send a Tweet.


This new Twitter for Android experience is rolling out to everyone globally today, and users only have to update their Android app to check it out. A new Twitter app that gets a Material Design look, that could help Twitter increase its audience. Even though Twitter has a large base of 310 million monthly active users, approximatively 44% of them are active each day. On the other side, Snapchat (which justs outclassed Twitter) counts more than 150 million people using the service each day.


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