Spotify has formalized its new free formula, which allows the subscriber to enjoy more freedom and features.

Spotify reviews its free offer !

As suggested insistent rumors, Spotify has indeed confirmed a redesign of its free offer. Contrary to what one might think, the latter will now allow the subscriber to enjoy a wider range of benefits. In fact, from now on, the new Spotify free offer promises the user to have “something for nothing”, thanks to a new offer that is much more flexible and offers new possibilities in terms of listening.

A new free offer that concerns a panel of about 90 million users all the same, who will be entitled to a slightly revised interface, but also (and above all!) To new features. Thus, the subscriber to Spotify will now be able to enjoy 15 playlists refreshed each day, playlists that will contain no less than 150 songs. These will be customized according to the artists defined upstream by the user, while Spotify will refine the choices as and plays.

The other good news is that the new Spotify free offer no longer relies solely on random play. Thus, the user is now able to choose the songs he wants to listen to, and to define an order. The height of happiness, the user can completely decide to move to the next song if the current one is not listening to his taste, without necessarily having to wait for the end of it. Convenient.

Added to this is a better management of mobile data, since the service promises a reduction of the order of 75% of 4G data consumed with the new system implemented by Spotify. A new system that caches, via Wi-Fi, the playlists offered by the application. In addition, this system will ensure better overall audio quality, streaming is less systematic. Downloading titles for headers later without connection remains a feature reserved for Premiums.

For Spotify, the goal is obviously to rally to its cause of new subscribers, but also improve the comfort of use of the 90 million subscribers who have not yet subscribed to the Premium offer. Spotify states that more than 60% of the 70 million Premium subscribers first used the free version before switching to the paid offer. By offering more options with the free version, Spotify necessarily takes the risk of seeing subscribers content with the latter, but also hopes that some of them will appreciate this taste of Premium, to the point of crossing the not and enjoy an optimal experience, complete and without advertising, via the paid offer.


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