With more than 150 million people using the service each day, Snapchat is now more popular than Twitter.

Snapchat already surpassed Twitter

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat counts more than 150 million people using the service each day. A very quick growth for the service, launched about four years ago, that makes Snapchat a more popular app than Twitter, launched in 2006. According to analysts’ estimates, Twitter has now less than 140 million people interacting with the service each day.

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Snapchat is not the first app to surpass Twitter recently, and other services like Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp (all “Facebook apps”) are already beyond Twitter in terms of audience. Even though Twitter has a large base of 310 million monthly active users, approximatively 44% of them are active each day.

Highly praised by various brands and artists, Twitter is still struggling to grow this past few years, and, on the other hand, Snapchat managed to grow very quickly, thanks to its ephemeral messages/pictures system of course, but the service also took advantage of the video demand, just like Facebook did. Of course, Snapchat also encourages people to visit the app frequently with the Live Stories, video/photo filters, or Snapstreak. According to Jack Dorsey (Twitter Chief Executive Officer) : “messaging on Snapchat is very modern“. Of course, the social leader is still Facebook, a true monster that counts more than 1.09 billion daily active users.


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