Seagate unveils a new 10TB hard drive : BarraCuda Pro, designed for your home PC.

Seagate unveils new BarraCuda Pro

According to Seagate : “Consumers and organizations today face a similar challenge : what to do about the massive deluge of data and video they confront every day”. In order to preserve your most critical data and move it where it’s needed fast, Seagate just unveiled a new 10TB hard drive : BarraCuda Pro.

Seagate Barracuda Pro

Yes, Seagate has brought back its hugely popular BarraCuda brand to respond to demands for high capacity storage at an affordable price point. BarraCuda Pro combines 10TB at 7200 RPM for outstanding performance, and includes power-saving features to help keep drive operating costs low. For its creators : “BarraCuda responds to market demands for high performance hard drives that don’t sacrifice capacity or affordability.” Of course, Seagate also offers a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

The Barracuda family has a rich history of delivering reliable drives at an affordable price point for our customers, who are struggling to keep up with the vast amounts of data they’re creating and consuming,” said Merle McIntosh, SVP Sales and Marketing, Newegg. “Seagate is pushing the boundaries on capacity and a cost-effective 10TB option is a product our customers will appreciate”. The 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch fierce BarraCuda drives offer a versatile and dependable line of hard drives for nearly every application and budget.

Price and availability

Seagate will offer its new 10 TB BarraCuda Pro hard drive at a retail price of $535.


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