Opera just releasedi ts brand new Battery Saver feature, in the latest version of Opera for computers

Battery Saver now available on Opera

Good news for all web users around the world, Opera Software just released its brand new Battery Saver feature, in the latest version of Opera for computers. A feature that was first released in the developer version, that generated a lot of positive feedback from users, and which brought Opera many new users.

Opera Battery Saver

A new feature that promises to give more flexibility to the users, with a better battery life. According to Opera’s tests, the Opera browser runs up to 50% longer with the battery saver on, compared to other browsers like Google Chrome. Of course, depending on your laptop model, this might mean a couple of extra hours of browsing away from a power outlet.


The Opera Battery Saver feature works like this : except for the prompt to turn the feature on, most of the power saving magic happens in the background. For example, when the battery saver is on, it reduces activity in the background tabs, automatically pauses plug-ins you don’t need and pauses browser theme animations until you can charge the laptop. So, you can still enjoy Opera’s speed and functionality at their best !


Of course, Opera 38 also gets the native Ad Blocker and other useful features such as Speed Dial improvements, or the possibility for the user to create his own theme, by adding his own photo. All extension users will also have the extension manager always at hand, as the extension icon is visible on side panel on the left side of the Speed Dial page.


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