OnePlus officially announced that the OnePlus 3 will be revealed, and available, on June 14th.

OnePlus 3 is coming

It’s official ! The brand new OnePlus 3 will be unveiled (and available) on June 14th. OnePlus already invited his fans to watch the Loop for the official launch of this very anticipated smartphone, and doors to the Loop will open at 12:30 PM Easter Time. So don’t be late !


During the first two hours of the launch, OnePlus’ new flagship device will be available exclusively in the Loop, which doubles as the world’s first global VR shopping experience. Open sales for the OnePlus 3 will begin on at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. A very good news for all OnePlus fans around the world, but there’s more, concerning the historical “invite system” by OnePlus.

According to OnePlus : “We’re releasing the OnePlus 3 invite-free, right from launch day. In addition, invites are gone forever from future OnePlus product launches. With the OnePlus 3, we’re officially saying goodbye to invites. It’s a big step for us as a company, our fans, and fellow tech enthusiasts. After sending out millions of invites over the past two years, it’s hard to not think back to the early days and how far we’ve come. We’re proud to have reached a point where we feel confident in making our new device available without invites from day one.

According to OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, invitations won’t be used during any OnePlus phone lauch going forward. That means no more competition for a chance to buy a OnePlus phone in the future.


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