The very best of Geneva Motorshow 2016

Geneva Motorshow 2016, simply the best The 2016 International Geneva Motorshow closed its doors some weeks ago, but let's take a look back at some...

Xbox One: Support for 120Hz Screens in Approach

After the 1440p resolution, Freesync and Auto Low Latency, Microsoft's Xbox One will soon switch the display to 120 Hz.

Asus Zenbo : our future smart little companion ?

Asus presents Zenbo, which could be our future smart companion.

New Loewe Subwoofer 300 : elegant, compact and efficient ?

Loewe unveils its new Subwoofer 300, described as a "compact and efficient premium-quality subwoofer".

ISS : British astronaut Tim Peake shares stunning photos of the Earth

Brithis astronaut Tim Peake just came back from a 6 month journey in space, with some stunning photos of the Earth.

PlayStation 4 : No Man’s Sky coming in August

No Man's Sky has been delayed, and is now scheduled for August 9th in North America.

Spotify: the new free offer is official !

Spotify has formalized its new free formula, which allows the subscriber to enjoy more freedom and features.

Microsoft Hololens gets Outlook Mail and Calendar

Microsoft brings the first holographic email and calendaring apps, with Outlook Mail and Calendar for Microsoft HoloLens.

Sony unveils new “budget friendly” Xperia E5

Sony unveils a brand new Xperia device, the "budget friendly" Xperia E5.

OnePlus 3 available on June 14th, invites (finally !) gone forever

OnePlus officially announced that the OnePlus 3 will be revealed, and available, on June 14th.