Samsung unveils new UFS memory cards

Samsung unveils world's first UFS memory cards, the successor to current microSD format.

Withings Body Cardio : a connected scale for body and heart

Withings unveils Body Cardio, its brand new connected scale with Pulse Wave Velocity compatibility.

Facebook Messenger : 1 billion people connected monthly

Facebook is proud to announce that 1,000,000,000 people use Messenger every month.

Xiaomi unveils Mi Band 2, available on June 7th

Xiaomi will launch its brand new Mi Band 2, with OLED display, on June 7th... at only $23 !

Sirin Labs Solarin : a $17.000 Android phone

Sirin Labs just unveiled Solaris, a true "smart phone" according to the manufacturer, that offers premium specs and first class security.

The sweetest booth babes of international motorshows

Since many years now, manufacturers call on models to showcase their latest model on motorshows all around the world.

Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche… a look at the craziest police cars in the world

Let's discover the different exotic (and craziest) police cars around the globe...

Valve : 500.000 Steam Controllers sold, and new features !

Valve is proud to announce that more than 500.000 Steam Controllers have been sold since its launch last november !

Twitter now accepts GIF up to 15 MB

Twitter has expanded its animated GIF size limit from 5MB to 15 MB.

Apple Watch: the last dedicated shop will close on May 13

The last point of sale dedicated to the Apple Watch will close its doors on May 13th.