Loewe unveils its new Subwoofer 300, described as a “compact and efficient premium-quality subwoofer”.

A new Subwoofer 300 by Loewe

Loewe announces the launch of the new Subwoofer 300, a compact and efficient premium-quality subwoofer. According to the german manufacturer, it combines simple, streamlined design with technical strength – delivering both visual and acoustical perfection. The distinctive black case is made out of 18mm thick acoustically proven composite material which together with the compact construction method. The top consists of ultra-thick 6mm aluminum plate constructed without any visible fixings or screws. All ports are located on the underside, the hidden cable tray adding to the subtle appearance of the subwoofer.

Subwoofer_300 bis

Three built-in radiators make the device “a real powerhouse“. Two passive membranes and a powered speaker ensure an intensive bass performance from a small casing volume. The sophisticated acoustic concept enables a strong and concentrated bass with an overall performance of 300 watt delivering a high level of sound quality.

Subwoofer_300 bis2

While the Subwoofer 300 adds the bass dimension, the Loewe TV serves as centre speaker. It can easily be connected with all Loewe TV models equipped with an integrated digital audio link. To enhance the quality of sound even further, two additional speakers can be attached to build a powerful 3.1 sound system.


The new Loewe Subwoofer 300 is available at 799 euros (in Germany), only at specialist retailers.


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