Microsoft brings the first holographic email and calendaring apps, with Outlook Mail and Calendar for Microsoft HoloLens.

Outlook Mail and Calendar available for Microsoft Hololens

Via its official Office Blog, Microsoft today annouced the arrival of the first holographic email and calendaring apps, Outlook Mail and Calendar, in Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft is being eager to get Outlook apps into the hands of early HoloLens developers to allow them to experience the benefits of email and calendaring in mixed reality. According to Microsoft, Hololens is “the first fully self-contained holographic computer“.

Calendar Outlook Hololens

Thanks to Microsoft Hololens, users will soon be able to place their inbox on their office wall to stay on top of emails while simultaneously interacting with other digital content in the real world. It will also be possible to quickly see what’s coming up next in their day with their new wall calendar. Since Outlook Mail and Calendar apps are built on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), like other Office apps for HoloLens released at Microsoft Build 2016, Microsoft reveals it was easy for developers to deliver a familiar experience to users who are already using the apps on Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones.

Outlook Mail Hololens

According to Microsoft : “We are far from done innovating in mixed reality and would love to hear your feedback on how you use Outlook Mail and Calendar on HoloLens and what features you want to see next.We invite HoloLens developers to install the Outlook Mail and Calendar apps from Windows Store on HoloLens and write to us with your feedback, comments and questions at the developer forums.

Remember that you can already order a HoloLens Development Edition from the HoloLens product website… for $3000.


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