The latest Instagram update now offers a new convenient way of uploading pictures on iPhone.

Instagram extension now on iOS !

The latest version of Instagram iOS App (8.2) is available for free on the App Store. A new update that brings along some bug fixes and other improvements, but users will also now have the ability to share photos and videos without opening the Instagram App ! A very useful feature, that was discreetly introduced by Instagram, and has not been highlighted in the official changelog.


From now on, photos and videos from within the Photos App can now be shared natively. For doing so, the user only needs to select the photo, press the Share button, and select Instagram, just like he used to do for sharing pictures and videos on Facebook, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, Mail… If Instagram does not show up, just jump into the “More” section to select the App.

Instagram New Logo

Of course, the user can add a caption to the photo/video, and it is now possible to share a media on Instagram in just one click. A very useful feature that fans have litterally craved for almost two years, back when Apple released iOS 8. Though, note that uploading on Instagram using this direct feature does not allow to to tag people, or cross post on Facebook and Twitter.


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