According to rumors, Huawei could launch a collapsible smartphone in the course of 2018.

The foldable smartphone launched in 2018 ?

After democratizing smartphones with XXL screens, and while more models with a notch at the top of the screen, now the smartphone industry seems to move towards … the foldable model. Fantasy for many years by fans of high-tech, it seems that the folding screen phone is finally ready, in 2018, to invade our daily lives. Indeed, according to various rumors, the first foldable smartphone could be marketed in the coming months, and contrary to what one might think, it is not Samsung that unsheathe first.

Indeed, to believe the words of ETNews, it is a certain Huawei who could first offer a smartphone with a foldable screen. A smartphone with an OLED panel, able to fold on itself. In this way, the user could have in his pocket a smartphone standard template, but once unfolded, the screen could obviously be significantly higher than those we currently have. A smartphone that could debouch in stores as early as November.

A foldable tablet, presented by Lenovo

Recall that this type of smartphones / tablets with a foldable screen abound on high-tech trade shows for some months now, but never a manufacturer has dared to cross the prototype stage. On the side of Samsung, we know that the project is moving forward, but this new generation terminal (which should be called Samsung Galaxy X …) would not be launched before 2019. Note that it is LG that could provide the OLED slabs to Huawei for his upcoming smartphone, Samsung obviously prefers to keep its slabs for his own model.

Recall that the giant Huawei has fun for some years now to innovate in the smartphone market. The latter had launched the P9, with a dual sensor Leica. More recently, it is the model P20 Pro that Huawei has launched on the market, this time with a triple photo sensor, still with Leica certification.


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