A recent wave of spam has hit some Gmail users just confirmed Google.

Gmail hit by a wave of spam

Google has confirmed that its famous Gmail messenger had been hit by a new wave of spam. The latter, however, hit a very small number of users announces the US giant, and Google has already made the necessary to eradicate once and for all the threat. A wave of spam rather atypical, since the latter sent (fake) emails to users, from their own address!

Indeed, despite the many security tools put in place by Google to secure its Gmail tool, this new spam campaign has obviously managed to pass through the cracks. Thus, some Internet users were surprised to receive a mail … addressed by themselves. Of course, the curious user, immediately opened the mail in question to know the capacity. “This attempt was to falsify email headers that gave users the impression that they were receiving emails themselves, which also led to these messages appearing in the Sent folder by mistake,” said Google. .

Note that the concern also affected the users who had activated the double authentication, supposed to considerably increase the security of the accounts. However, Google recalls that this spam has affected a small number of Internet users, with a targeted location on the North American side. Most of the targets were customers of Telos, a Canadian communications company. In other words, if you read these lines, you are unlikely to have been touched.

As for Gmail, Google should soon offer a new version of its famous client. The US giant has already sent an email to some professional users of G Suite to warn them of a new version to come. “In the coming weeks, we will announce an early adopter program for a new Gmail experience. It will be launched with a new design for the Gmail web interface. In parallel, Google will certainly offer a complete redesign to its Chrome browser by the end of the year. A way for the American giant to celebrate ten years (and yes, already!) Of its web browser, launched in late 2008.


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