Thanks to Flaming Fowl Studios, the Fable saga should be back in a few months, with a digital card game, called Fable Fortune.

Fable returns… via KickStarter

Recently, Microsoft shut down Lionhead Studios, and cancelled Fable Legends, a game which was expected to be released on Xbox One in a few months. Even if Microsoft still retains the rights to the franchise, it allowed the new Flaming Fowl Studios, created by a team or former Lionhead Studios workers, to develop a new card game, based on the Fable franchise, and called Fable Fortune.

Fable Fortune

A game that has just been launched on Kickstarter, with a campaign asking for $365 000, that will end in 27 days. A Fable Fortune that looks very similar to another card game, based on a very famous saga : HearthStone, from Blizzard Entertainment. Considering that HearthStone makes approximatively $20 million each month, Microsoft would sure be pleased if this upcoming Fable Fortune could make a good entry in the digital card game market, which is $1.2 billion worth. Fable Fortune should be available this august, on Xbox One, PC and mobile phones.

Fable Fortune 2

According to Flaming Fowl : “we think the game is great and we are sure we could find investors out there to help us complete Fortune, but we’ve decided to come to Kickstarter for one simple reason – we want to be fully independent. We want to develop games our way. We want to listen to our fans and react quickly to what they are saying. We want to make decisions based on the pride of our work, not because someone with a cheque book says so.


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