Faced with battery problems on some models of Apple Watch Series 2, the giant Cupertino has decided to replace free blocks of watches in question.

The Apple Watch concerned by a battery replacement program

At the very end of last year, Apple was in the middle of an intense controversy, concerning the battery of its iPhone. Indeed, as confirmed by Apple, the iOS operating system is responsible for adjusting the performance of the iPhone according to its battery, a “feature” that has struggled to pass even for the most fervent worshipers of the firm to the apple. To prove his good faith, Apple had quickly decided to make a move on the price of replacing the battery. Thus, since January 2018 and until December, the package for a battery replacement is reduced to 29 euros only, against 79 euros in normal time.

However, the iPhone would not be the only Apple terminal concerned by a battery problem … Indeed, some users of the Apple Watch Series 2 have also experienced some setbacks. Problems related, not to autonomy this time, but to the battery itself, which tends to swell on some models. A problem that is not exclusive to Apple, and many manufacturers have been victims of similar concerns …

On the Apple side, we obviously decided to react, and the Californian group has set up a new replacement program. Unlike the one offered for the iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 2 is completely free, and users concerned can gracefully replace the defective battery. According to MacRumors, this program is intended for 42mm models, including the Sport, Edition, Hermes and Nike + versions.

The battery replacement program for Apple Watch Series 2 is for the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Note that Apple has not (yet) communicated formally about this new replacement program. To benefit, the user must, as is the case for the iPhone, go through the Support page of the Apple website, and arrange an appointment with the Genius Bar of the Apple Store of his choice . Also according to MacRumors, Apple has sent a document to all its Apple Store and authorized stores stating: “We found that under certain conditions, the Apple Watch Series 2 may not turn on while the battery comes out. Apple will support free repair of affected devices. Apple will allow support for the affected Apple Watch Series 2 for three years from the date of purchase. “


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